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Ridin High Skate and Longboard Shop

Inside Ridinhigh
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Ridinhigh Skate and Longboard Shop

Located @ 2 Pearl St. Burlington, Vermont      

Phone: 802.658.6187

Hours: 12-7 from snow melt to snow fall

Lake Champlain
Mt. Mansfield
The view from the door of Ridinhigh
Camels Hump

Ridinhigh skate boards was started in a glass shop in Burlington selling only a few hand-made longboards. Since then it has moved a few times settling in on the corner of Pearl and Battery streets overlooking beautiful lake Champlain and New Yorks Adirondack mountains.  With each move this small company is starting to evolve into a premier skateboard shop in Burlington.  With low prices and a great location (on the way to the skate park) you might just walk out the door with a smile on your face.
Come check us out, watch a video, look at the lake, and skateboard everywhere